The 10 Day Challenge

If you're reading this blog, then there is a very good chance that you're an ideas person. You probably have a list somewhere (even in your head) of things you one day want to build. It might be developing an app. It might be designing a tshirt. It might be publishing a book. How many domains have you registered for ideas that you've had?

Ask yourself, if you had just 10 days to bring one of these ideas to market, which one would it be, and what would you leave out of the design/development to make it a reality?

This is the 10 day challenge.

Some Ideas For You

  • Thinking of Writing a book? You'll need more than 10 days. But thanks to leanpub you can definitely publish a teaser and get the ball rolling. As soon as you push just a little bit of content out to the public, you'll be held more accountable to finishing.
  • Is Graphic Design your Passion? You've got 10 days to put one of those design floating around in your head onto a tshirt. Use Printful to print on demand, and setup a shop with Shopify.
  • Don't have a blog like this? If you want to be prolific, having a homebase, where you can promote, share and gather ideas is handy. Use 10 days to learn how to use Kirby (it's dead simple and what it's I use to build this site) and create your home.
  • Web App? Reduce your idea to just one primary feature and develop that. Work on the rest after it's launched (thats what i do and it works every time.)
  • Do a Redesign (controversial I know) of a website/brand you love but hate the design. Lot's of people are against this process, but I have friends who have landed dream jobs off the back of this type of play.
  • Start a Podcast. Don't worry about intro music, editing, promotion etc. Just hit record and start.
  • Fancy a bit of web design? Create a set of .psd buttons or a .psd web template. Give it away for free or sell it.

The most important thing with this challenge is not just creating, but the pushing it live bit. You've got to share what you create. It can't be a "enter your email address and we'll let you know when we're ready" type project. If you design a tshirt - sell it. If you build a web app - launch it (yes it'll have bugs).

I love chatting with people about their ideas. I hear a lot of ideas - mainly at conferences and via email. I never shoot down an idea. I'm always positive. Yet sometimes, I know that the idea I'm hearing about will never see the light of day. Which is sad. Some people are too focused on irrelevant details - do I need a company, do I need a corporate bank account, should I file for a patent, hire a rockstar developer? Just take 10 days to build something tangible and push it live. Then these questions seem to either answer themselves or become irrelevant.

p.s - I've got a bunch of things that I'll be pushing live over the coming months (hopefully every 10 days). If you currently use or, you might be interested in these new products. I've created a mailing list so you can get a quick notification when they're live.

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