Some Predictions for 2014

Here are some things that I think will happen in 2014. What do you think?

Bigger/Pro iPad

Naming the iPad, the "iPad Air" felt a little odd to me. Unless of course the ipad is to follow the lead of the macbook lineup.

A bigger, pro ipad would be very useful for musicians and music producers, photographers may also find it useful. Could be released alongside a set of "pro" ios apps from Apple.

Airbnb/Uber/Other "On Demand" Company IPO

I've written about these "on demand" startups before, and they are only going to become bigger and bigger. One of these companies are going to IPO. And unlike the Twitter or Facebook IPO's - these companies have solid business models. This could create a lot of buzz, let's hope it doesn't build into a bubble.

Bitcoin $1500+

Bitcoin will hit $1500+ at some point in 2014. It may also experience numerous crashes. It certainly won't be a smooth ride. The U.S government is warming to the idea of bitcoin and as soon as a startup comes along that makes buying bitcoin as easy as using PayPal, the demand will increase rapidly. Will it make a viable currency in the long term - no idea. I'm not a bitcoin bull, part of me believes Bitcoin will have a major bull run and then shrink down into the obscure. Remember e-gold?

A Year of Digital Wallets

I think we'll see a slew of services in the payments space. There already different ways to pay using your smartphone, but these are only used by a tiny minority at the moment. The experience is also fractured, with different merchants offering different apps. Apple is just about to jump into this space. Expect to be able to pay for purchases using your iphone + touch id at retailers either late next year or early 2015. iBeacons is the perfect platform to build payments on top of.

Apple TV?


Cloud Based Operating Systems?

Yep. Amazon has already entered this space. This is an old idea, but now that more and more people are using tablets, it does make sense to carry around the light weight device and have the computational power based elsewhere. Surprised Google is so far behind in this space.

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