4 Reasons Why Online Shopping DOESNT Suck

Steven Hodson wrote an article on The Inquisitr outlining 4 reasons why he belives online shopping sucks.  His post was so very very wrong and something that an 80 year old tech hater would write.  Well im here to stand up for online shopping, aka Mr E. Commerce and give you 4 reasons why online shopping doesn't suck.

Great Range of Payment Methods

Sure PayPal isn't accepted on Amazon - but I have managed buy pretty much everything online without ever shopping at Amazon.   As much as I hate PayPal, I do use them for most purchases but I also have no problems using a Visa Debit card (anyone over 18 can have a vsa debit regardless of credit rating). Plus here in Australia most online retailers accept BPay ( instant bank payments) plus a variety of other options.  But don't worry most of the big online stores accept Paypal anyway.  Amazon aint everything!

Huge Selection

Online shopping allows you to choose exactly what you want.  If you can't find what your looking for, you're free to simply leave and find another site.  Again, Amazon isn't everything and personally,  I prefer the smaller indie retailers.  Just take a look at Etsy to have your mind blown by the sheer quanity and quality of items available in this amazing marketplace.

Painless Shipping

I live in Australia, and sure it does cost a bit more to have goods shipped over to Oz.  However, with services like vPost which gives you a U.S postal address to ship to, and cheap and fast international shipping, how can you complain.   I usually buy from local retailers anyway so its not a hassle.

The World is Your Store

Think about it, you can now buy chocolate directly from Switzerland, electronics from Japan and cookware from France.  All of this with only a few clicks, often directly from a manufacturer.  Sure it does take a little knowledge on where to look, but hey thats what Google is for.

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