Ditching Wordpress

One of the very first web apps I ever used was Wordpress. It was amazing - without having to write a single line of code, I was able to have a blog up and running in just a matter of seconds. And thanks to themes and plugins I was also able to endlessly customize the blog.

Wordpress had a great UI, was simple to use and fulfilled a real need.

But after many years of using Wordpress I'm finally ready to say goodbye.

It happened after I fell in love with a little piece of software called Kirby. Kirby is a file based CMS.

Here is why it is awesome:


It doesn't really bother me if a CMS uses SQL or not. I love databases. But, for something as simple as a personal website, I don't think it's necessary.

An Amazing Text Editor

...As in, Kirby doesn't have an editor. It doesn't need one. To publish a post here, I just create .txt file which can contain markdown, HTML or just plain text and then upload it to the server. But to make things even easier I've added dropbox support so that I don't even need to upload anymore. Creating a post on this blog is as easy as saving a txt file.

The Wordpress WYSIWYG editor has to be one of the worst editors out there. It causes so many hassles, and I've ended up losing content time after time. Wordpress should throw it away and start again.

No Theme Engine

Wordpress themes require a hole heap of predefined syntax. I hate that. With Kirby I can take any html/css and drop in bits of PHP code where I want dynamic content or features.

To build the design you currently see, I used Foundation (which I also love) to create a site in HTML and CSS and then just add the dynamic bits. It took just a few hours to add Kirby to my design. If you're a designer you will absolutely love Kirby.

Hopefully More Secure

Kirby is quite simple and from I can see, it seems like it's going to handle a lot better than Wordpress. The big advantage of course is that nobody uses Kirby compared to Wordpress so it won't be targeted in the same manner.

There is also admin side - so no passwords that can be compromised (apart from the server).

Finally, It's just a pleasure to Create with Kirby

I love hacking things together. Experimenting and playing around with code and design. Wordpress made me hate experimenting. My blog sat stagnant for years. Now, whenever I feel like a little hacking, I can easily add new functionality in seconds. For example, the Books section took just an hour or so to build.

Even if you're not a strong developer, you'll be able to create a site exactly how you want it. If you can code HTMl and CSS then you can create a Kirby site.

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