A Quick Case Study of 5 Unique Blogs

How do you stand out from the crowd, when there are literally hundreds of blogs in your niche?  Not for one second am I suggesting you stop blogging simply because of a similar blog.  The huge array of ideas and different opinions is what makes blogging special.  Instead,  I want to focus on some different case studies that highlight a killer feature.   These are the things which make me want to go back to these blogs:

Smart Passive Income

Killer Feature: Monthly Income Reports

This is a favourite read of mine.    Pat shares regular posts filled with solid tips - not necessarily ground breaking (not a bad thing at all),  but every post seems to be of use.

The real killer feature are the Monthly Reports which detail Pat's earnings.  It takes balls to reveal how much money you are making.  So why do readers love this insight?  People love testimonials.  Seeing someone else do it, is a huge motivator.  It also makes every single one of Pat's posts more interesting as you know he's the real deal and there's a chance some of that magic might rub off.

The Middle Finger Project

Killer Feature: Going against the grain

There are plenty of blogs (including this one) that talk about Lifestyle Design.  What instantly stands out at you on TMF is the unique satirical and humorous tone.  Ashley is a very talented writer and judging by the interaction and comments on her blog, she has certainly struck a note with a  lot of people.

Don't be afraid to express what you're really thinking.

The Daniel Richard

Killer Feature: No Comments

I'm not sure why Daniel removed the comments from his blog but it does make his blog stand out from the crowd.  The lack of comments seem to perfectly fit the minimalist content.   I also really like the design - clean, crisp and elegant.  A minimalist design is often extremely hard to do, but Daniel has done a great job.

Exile Lifestyle

Killer Feature: Free Ebooks

Colin gives away 2 ebooks on his blog.  Pretty much every second blog I read has some sort of info product for sale (guilty as charged).  Giving away a freebie (or two) is a great way to build an audience as they are usually shared like wildfire.  Plus you are seen as being uber generous by not charging a penny.

Rules Optional

Killer Feature: Big Words

Seriously!  It takes me twice as long as usual to read a post on Andrew's blog.  His ideas and concepts are smart (er than me).   I also enjoy commenting on this blog - I feel like a can have an opposing viewpoint!  I've found ther bloggers seem to get insulted when you do anything but leave an agreeable comment.    There is no point in having comments enabled on your blog if all you expect is people to write (great post!)

In Conclusion

Although the content and ideas sometimes overlap on these blogs, each of the bloggers have found a unique voice or technique to express them.

btw. These blogs were taken from my reading list.  It updates the posts every hour and I regularly cull/add new content.   Let me know what blogs I should add.

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