Access Pandora Internationally

Pandora is an incredible music discovery/listening tool- aka personalized internet radio!  But unfortunately it's only available to U.S residents.

The good news is you can easily access it outside the states, for free and without the hassle of trying to find working and fast proxy servers.  And heres how.

Head on over to AnchorFree and dowload the free HotSpot sheild here. This tool was designed to protect you on wireless networks but it works great at giving you a U.S IP address (needed to access Pandora).  And best of all, it doesn't require any fiddling with browser settings.  Just load it up and your away!

So there you have it.  A tested and working way to access Pandora outside of the states.  Remember if you here a song you like on Pandora buy it through their site and by doing so you are supporting a great free service.

Lets hope Pandora/Record Companies work things out so none of us will have to worry about this in the future!

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