Asking Questions of Mahalo Answers

Jason Calacanis recently revealed his "Project A" which turned out to be Mahalo Answers - a service very similar to Yahoo Answers.  The only only major difference between the two being the ability to "tip" someone for providing a good answer on Mahalo.  Effectively you are paying for an answer.

So I decided to give Mahalo Answers a test-drive up against Yahoo.  I chose to ask a fairly difficult question that would require some research on the behalf of the answerer.  Take note, Mahalo Answers is brand new and so it has a minuscule user base compared to that of Yahoo's.

The Question - What are the best Virtual Personal Assistant companies?

I have been trawling through the intertubes for the past week or so trying to answer this question myself, so  I thought it would be fitting to put it to the communities at Mahalo and Yahoo.  Here are the results:

At Yahoo Answers - All I got was one spammish reply.  I have used Yahoo Answers before and have gotten very good results. But for some strange reason I only got one reply which was completely useless.  Check out the answers here

At Mahalo Answers - I honestly thought I wouldn't get any replies at Mahalo.  Its a new site with a smallish community.  However it seems that the $5 reward I offered seemed to do the trick.  The two answers that I got were pretty average and I wanted more but one did manage to answer my question.

In Conclusion - I thought I did a good job in asking the question correctly and I was disappointed with the answers that I got from both services however Mahalo out performed Yahoo.  But it wasn't worth $5!

I will be trying this experiment again with a more generic question but that is Geographically relevant.  This hopefull will really separate the two.

What are your experiences with Mahalo Answers?

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