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This one was built for my Mother.

I'm currently in Phuket, Thailand.  Its raining outside - which is ok, as I spent a little too long on the beach yesterday and gives me the chance to write this post.  Its a nice lifestyle I'm currently living - but its not without its risks.

At the end of the day, even though I'm rarely alone, I am traveling solo.  And understandably, this does worry my family - after all its their job to worry.

So I decided to come up with a really simple way to let my folks where I currently am and that I'm alright.

Now I could just send an email - but I know that there is often not the time, and knowing my folks, Im not sure how long it would be before they check there inbox.  So I wanted to send them a Text Message - this way, if anything was wrong, they would get it instantly.

Now I could use a phone, but like many other travelers, I don't actually carry one or have international access.  So this sounded like the perfect opportunity to solve a problem and build a web app.

Introducing (yes another .fm - i'll explain the very good reason behind this in another post) is an app that will send an sms message to your Family/Friends/loved ones when you check in, with your current location.

To use the app, you simply add your contacts (I added just my Mum), and then while travelling hit the "check in" button to have a sms message with your current location sent.

Your contacts will be sent a short link which hosts a map with your location.  For those interested in stalking me - heres mine (been a while since I checked in)

Peace of Mind

I know from travelling myself, that its often hard to find the time (or persistent wifi) to make a phone call or send an email.  This app was built to make use of limited time.  I know my parents appreciate getting an update every now and then of where I'm currently located.  And it can be done with just my laptop - without the need for a phone.

Pretty Nifty Technology

Thanks goes out to HTML5 - this app uses the brand spanking new GeoLocationAPI to determine a users location (triangulation of WIFI signals) to determine your location.  Its very precise - It can find you within around 50 meters without using a GPS.

The Very Beginning

My goal now, is to turn this into a iPhone app and add support for Foursquare and other check in tools.  The eventual goal:
if you you want to let your folks know your ok, and don't want to call, you would turn to

Let me know what you think

p.s - if you want to build your own web apps, make sure you subscribe to The List - Its full of the building blocks needed for your next app

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