Damn You Facebook...Leave FriendFeed Alone

I woke up to find my FriendFeed feed filled with the news that Facebook had acquired FriendFeed.  I'm usually excited about news of acquisitions, but this one left me with a feeling of dread.

To put it simple, FriendFeed is amazing.  Sure it has a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes the most powerful news reader, Twitter client and even marketing tool I have used to date.

I use FriendFeed to discover news and track mentions of my product.  I also share a lot of news on FriendFeed.  Most of this is related to startups and entrepreneurism.  I have a strange feeling my Facebook Friends don't want all of this content on their feed.  See, on Facebook the talk is about last nights drinks or the upcoming party - not building scalable php applications by utilizing the latest XML technologies.

I would be happy if Google or Yahoo aquired FriendFeed.  But Facebook!!

In case you don't know, Facebook is a mess.  Their UI (although prettier than MySpace) is a joke - i have yet been able to successfully finish creating a page,  they currently have Twitter envy (the reason behind the FF buy) and have ridiculous overheads with no sign of profitability.

Google would leave FF alone.  They might rename it, but the core functionality would remain the same.  Facebook, who are no Google and have so little experience and skill are going to butcher this.

But whats the use in complaining if you don't have a solution - well thankfully I do.    I used to develop a Twitter app called Twitly.  It was around before all the AIR based clients, and it allowed users to separate users into groups.  The interface was much the same as FriendFeed but it was only a Twitter client.    Currently its broken as I cut off development half way through a design upgrade.

But I plan on opening development back up - currently Twitly is built on a realtime framework and integrating with other services like Delicious, Flickr, RSS etc will be easy.    If you would like a job - get in touch.

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