Damn You Kevin....Lets Save the Internet

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia, seems to have spent a bit to much time in China and has taken a fancy to their censorship policies.

You see, Mr Rudd who once promised to deliver faster broadband is now going to slow it down by 87% - according to their own studies.  His goverments proposed filter will block 1 in 12 legitimate sites and will be completely useless against illegal content.

But what is most worrying is that they plan to not only include illegal sites on the blacklist, they will also in their own words, block "unwanted content".

Australia get ready to not be able to research Euthanasia, abortion, extreme political parties....or anything else the control freak Mr Rudd wants to include on his list.  This is the start of terrible censorship and abuse of our freedom of speech.  There is no end in sight.

I have contacted, or should i say tried to contact Senator Conroy, our communications minister and he refused to reply.  He is also dodging all questions being asked of him in the Senate.  He clearly has something to hide and without releasing any - and yes I mean ANY details of this filter which will be introduced December 13th.

Youtube videos, Facebook pages and even your emails could be blocked.  Remember 1 in 12 sites you visit which are perfectly legal will be blocked in error.  And with our internet being slowed to a crawl the goverment is effectivelly destroying something they don't even own.

Head on over to GetUp to sign the petition or search on Facebook for a protest march happening near you.

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