8 Simple Ways You Can Earn a Passive Income

Inevitably a big part of lifestyle design involves money, and how you make it.  Ultimately every lifestyle designer, wants to make the process of earning an income as fun and carefree as possible.

The word "passive" is often thrown around.  Wouldn't it be incredible to earn an income without actually doing anything!  However, in reality a passive income takes months (probably longer) of work.  But that's not to say its impossible. Here are some ways I've discovered to earn a passive income.


eToro is a Social Trading Platform. Basically, you follow a bunch of professional traders and whenever they perform a trade, you will automatically copy that trade. I invested a small amount in eToro at the beginning of this year and I'm currently up around 19%

Book Reviews

Every time a read a decent book, I publish a short (<100 word) review on my personal site. This page gets a few visitors every now and then and if an interested visitor, clicks through and buys the book on Amazon, I get a small commission. I don't earn a great deal, but I make enough in Amazon Gift Cards that I never need to pay for any books I buy. Once a review is online, it keeps generating revenue year after year.

Design and Sell Graphics

If you're handy with photoshop, then there are plenty of places you can sell your graphics. People love to buy banners, buttons, wordpress templates etc. <a href="http://graphicsriver.net"GraphicsRiver or Creative Market are good places to sell.

Sell Twitter Ads

If you have a large following on Twitter, you can sell "tweets" to potential advertisers. This won't net you a great amount of cash, and you have to way up whether your audience will mind the odd sponsored tweet.

Build a Niche Website

Are you passionate about a particular topic or niche? Build a website. Setting up a site costs very little these days. And tools such as Wordpress means no technical experience is needed. A niche site can be monetized using Google Adsense or by linking to Affiliate Products.

Write a Book

Leanpub allows you to publish a book over many months, all while still writing it. It's a great way to get motivated to write and anyone can do it. An ebook can be sold through a publisher such as Leanpup or via Amazon or your own website.

Make Youtube Videos

Millions of dollars are made by various Youtube publishers. Building an audience is hard. And creating quality videos is even harder. If you're the outgoing type of person, and can use a camera, then this might be an option for you.

Build a Personal Website Like Mine

My website generates over $1k in revenue each month and I do very little work on it. I sell the occasional ad and I link out to affiliate products (which earn me a commission when someone buys). It may take a while to build a personal site like this, but I've worked on it, just a little bit at a time, over many years. They key to success is posting regular, high quality content and not giving in.

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