Finding a Niche. Its Right in Front of You

Making money is easy!  Simply find a niche, build a site and sit back.

Countless articles, ebooks and guides will tell you how to build niche mini sites and sales pages, they will even show you how to find keywords and work out the profitability of a niche.   But this isn't the hard part - anyone with computer skills can do this.

In fact, probably the most difficult part of building a niche site is coming up with the niche in the first place.

A while back I suffered.  I tried countless niches.  I built sites on web hosting, popular TV shows and dating.  And had no success.  Why was this happening?  I could see countless examples of similar sites in the same niches doing really well....and thats the problem.

I was prompted to write this article after finishing building a site.  Its on a topic I'm passionate about and I found it easy to create.  Within 5 hours the site was indexed in Google and its been 2 days since the domain was registered and it now sits on the third page of Google for the targeted keyword.  It looks promising.

Building that niche site made me realise how lucky I was to have finally "clicked" and discovered why my attempts 2 years ago were so miserable:

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