Firefox is MIA

A small observation. Of the 5.7k visitors to from HackerNews yesterday, over 60% were using Chrome and only 13% were on Firefox.

One can make the assumption that are large chunk of the HN audience are developers - the exact audience that a platform, such as chrome, looks to attract. Developers grow platforms. Internet Explorer has tried hard recently to appeal to developers, yet traffic from IE only accounted for a mere 0.6%.

Another little note I found interesting, and this isn't specific to HN traffic ,(I see the exact same breakdown on is that over 70% of mobile traffic is iOS. That makes no sense to me as Android has a far greater number of users.

What I take away from this is - chrome is still on the up, and developers should build first for Chrome (extensions etc.). And make sure your website functions perfectly on iOS as it now accounts for a huge chunk of traffic.

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