How to Enjoy Twitter

How to enjoy Twitter? Its really quite simple - just ignore everything the "Twitter Gurus" tell you.   Ignore the online marketers and social media experts, and start enjoying Twitter again.

Don't Auto-Follow Everyone That Follows You

Don't autofollow unless you enjoy reading spam (Do you Chris Brogan?).  The people you will end up following will be made up of tweeps posting a whole heap of irrelevant links, news and garbage.   If you use a client like Tweetdeck to only read a few select group of your followers - whats the point of following people you don't read????

An autofollow account is unusable - I know because the twitter account needs to follow everybody who uses the app.    The people on the account are great....but I don't speak Japanese.

Hand Pick  Quality People to Follow

Go through each tweeps previous tweets (im trying to fit in as many Twitter-esque buzz words as possible) to see if they post interesting content.  Interesting doesn't mean auto-posting your blogs RSS feed.

Post Personal Updates

Frustrated by a companies service?  Feel free to post it! Don't listen to the "gurus" who tell you only to post "interesting" links.  An interesting Twitter stream is made up of personal updates, links and news about what you're up to.  A good example of personal updates being interesting - Charley Boorman, who tweets about his amazing world trips (for his tv show "By Any Means").

Profiles without anything personal seem bland, boring and spammy (for me anyway).

Update When You Want

I don't really get the point of scheduling tweets in the future.  Apparently the online marketers do it.  I can see why it might be useful for companies (launching new features) but for the individuals it seems pointless.   Update when you want, not when the online marketers tell you to.

You Don't Need to Reply to Everybody

For starters, spammers will often @reply you.  An @reply isn't like an email or IM so there is no pressure to reply.  Of course if someone is asking you a reasonable question - don't be rude.

Don't Care About Your Follower Count

Ok sure its no fun talking to yourself - but you don't need to worry about how many followers you have.  I used to care - I don't any more, and I seem to enjoy Twitter now.

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