How to Keep on Blogging, and Blogging

When it comes to making money from your passions the number one killer of your success is going to be time and giving up.

A lot of lifestyle designers, bloggers and nomads, give all sort of advice, but the one thing I keep hearing over and over again is - don't give up.  And if their is only one ethos you should follow, it should be that.

When I think about the times that I have failed in the past,  it because I decided to let things slide until the entire idea came to a stop.  I lost focus, motivation and this all my hard work was wasted.

You learn from your mistakes, right? If I was to stop every time something went wrong with my sites, I wouldn't have gotten very far.   In fact, I have stopped blogging on this blog twice before and just let the site sit doing nothing.  It kinda hurt.

So what did I do to beat my worst enemy - me?

Firstly, I came up with a number of goals for this blog and the other sites I run.  These include RSS subscribers, community (comments, interaction etc.) and visitors,with a target to improve each stat.   These goals aren't set very far into the future.  Rather, I usually aim to set only 1 month out.  I have found, if I set a goal too far in the future I just forget about it.   I put these goals in front of me and remind myself constantly of them...

Don't rely on your memory, outsource it

The next step in changing my "give in" attitude was to become the number one two user of my own application.  The app sends through reminders.  I receive more reminders than most other users on the site (i used to be number one lol).   These reminders range from the mundane  ie. "call janet re: book cover" to the motivational (Buddhist quotes).

A big goal or life change with a very specific deadline is a huge motivator

Finally Iset myself a deadline.  This, I believe is the most important factor.   I'll be moving to Thailand in August next year.  In order for that to happen I need to focus on and improve a number of sites I run.  If I fail im not moving to Thailand.  This is a huge motivator for me, and its what keeps me going.

How to keep focus?

photo by - Rickydavid

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