How to Live Anywhere — A Review

I was lucky to get in early on Karol Gajda's book How to Live Anywhere, and posted a quick review of the beta version back in March.    Well fast forward a couple of months and its time to give full version a run down.

Karol is an awesome guy.  I've been following his blog for the last 6 months or so, and have been blown away by his lifestyle -- building guitars in India, waterfights in Thailand -- that's my kind of lifestyle.

How to Live Anywhere, is the guide book to this type of lifestyle.    I've read many books on nomadic travel and alternative working styles, and this is one of the best.  What I really like is just how practical the guide is.  There's no fluff, just 58 pages of straight to the point, down to earth practical information on living a dream lifestyle.

The book covers the practicalities of travelling and living on the road for long periods of time and also, rather importantly, how to make enough money to support this lifestyle.     I like the money making techniques covered. Although they're different to how I do things, its really interesting to get an insight into how others are doing it.  And I must admit I have tried one technique covered in HTLA with great success.

If you're the kind of person who thinks nomads are running away from real life and that lifestyle designers (I hate grouping peeps, but  I couldn't think of a better term) should grow up a get a real job, this book isn't for you.  You don't get it -- thats fine!  I think this book is for those who've already started thinking about changing things up. And would rather be extraordinary as opposed to ordinary.

Karol has a goal to "Help 100 People Achieve Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom".    Well,  my own startup is now at a stage where it can be worked on from anywhere.  The information I've picked up in this book has been invaluable and I really owe a grat deal to Karol who's been a great inspiration of mine. So, I'm happy to announce, in August I'll be in Singapore going overland to....well somewhere -- no return date planned and living off my laptop.  So Karol, you can make that 99! Thanks.

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