How to Live Anywhere....Ridiculously

According to Karol Gajda, you shouldn't buy How To Live Anywhere, his latest ebook.  In fact he does a pretty good job of persuading you not to buy it on the sales page....but obviously it didn't work as I did end up buying a copy, and I thought I would give it a quick review.

First off, How to Live Anywhere, is my type of ebook.   Yes, it does cover one of my passions (lifestyle design), but what I really like about it, is the format.    This is the kind of book you skip around as its really a series of short essays much like my all time favorite read Getting Real (free).

This ebook is for those looking to pack there bags, travel the world, and return....well, sometime later.   Even if you already run a business and earn an income you'll find the practical advice useful.

This is a practical ebook, obviously based on Karol's world travels.  He seems to do a pretty awesome job of travelling the world and making enough of a living to survive,  so you know this advice is solid.  The techniques he describes (especially in the money section) are practical and they work.

Currently this book is in an online format, and although a downloadable version is coming, quite frankly I'm digging the way its formatted.  I had a couple of questions and because you can comment on each chapter, they were quickly answered.  Hopefully this online version stays online.

So if you think you're interested in purchasing this book, I would do so sooner rather than later.  The price keeps going up.  As of writing this its about $15.00 but i'm sure that it will increase fairly rapidly.

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