How to Make Thousands Flipping Sites....And blow it all

Let me tell you a story about flipping sites for thousands of dollars and then blowing it all away on just one purchase.  This is the story of my five year stint as a domain flipper.

I was in high school.  Other people were getting "real" jobs, flipping burgers, handling cash registers etc.  I didn't have a "real" job.  Instead, I would spend countless hours in front of a computer building websites.  Some how this felt natural.  In fact, I was building websites before I had the internet or even a computer!  How?  My parents would take me to the public library on the weekends where I would spend an hour session using free web based site builders to build "the next big thing".

This happened all before Wordpress or web 2.0.  Things were different back then.  Of course, at first I didn't really have any success.  I failed many times, but this was all one big learning curve I needed to tackle.

One of the first "successful" websites I built was MyEzy.  I spent hours learning how to code php and design sites.  I read every article I could and went through countless tutorials in order to code, what now is a relatively simple membership script.  I then purchased the rights to hundreds of templates, ebooks, and software products uploaded them to MyEzy and charged people $5 a month to have access.  For a highschool student the site did really well.

But instead of hanging onto the site, I decided to sell it.   It sold for a nice amount and I had just stumbled across the world of flipping websites.

I was amazed at this cash that had landed in my PayPal account.  If only I could build another site like this and sell it again....or maybe I could build 2, 3 or even more.   You can see where this is heading.  I saw a huge opportunities in domain names and since learned that what I was doing was known domain flipping.

I never built another site like MyEzy.  It was custom coded and took a lot of time.  Instead, I decided to use Wordpress (which was now invented) to create multiple websites, all with unique content, traffic and backlinks built with an article submitter script.   Funnily enough though, I ended up buying the domain back from the original buyer for a fraction of the cost, mainly for nostalgic reasons.

Over a 2 year period I managed thousands of websites.  They were built to be flipped, full of unique content and valuable domain names.  At one point I had 100 sites on the go - things became a little hectic.  But I was making money.

So what about the part where I blew it all away?

After a while I started to miss the good old coding days.  The days of MyEzy, where I actually custom built a website that was unique and of real value.  I yearned for something more.  The user interface designer in me got bored and I needed an out.  So I sold everything.

Unfortunately I did this at completely the wrong time - the Aussie dollar (im Australian) was at an all time high.  And as all site sales I did were in U.S dollars, the exchange wasn't good.  And then then Aussie dollar crashed.  Effectively my value was cut in half.  oops.

But this was ok, I wasn't going back into the flipping business anyway.  Instead I was going to blow it away on a concept I had been sitting on for a while -

Ok so I didn't really "blow it". is the most valuable thing I've owned.  Its been featured on all the top blogs, on TV, has a great user base and a nice valuation.  I employ an awesome team of designers and developers and get to shape the way thousands of people stay organised.  Things are good right now.

I learned a lot about flipping sites - and I did very well out of it.  Now that I'm "out" and work solely on, I decided to put every tactic, trick and concept I used out there and available to the public.

The Nitty Gritty

So what's the point of this post?  Well in a week or so, I'll be releasing a guide I've been working on for the past year, on using my method to flip sites.  This isn't a book for everybody - its not a general guide on making money online.  Instead its very specific, so much so, I explain how to use every tool I used, even the exact sales copy I used when listing sites is included.   If you'd like a copy to review, just let me know and I'll hook you up.

I'm excited, its been 5 years in the making.  And its not long now, so stay tuned!

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