I Follow: September Edition

Here are some the great people, blogs and sites I've been following recently.


Smemon.com - Irish Internet Entrepreneur:  I've just started reading this blog.  Provides a fresh perspective (as in not American) view of Technology.   Sean, the author, runs lots of very interesting sites and he also did a great write-up of Task.fm

ReadWriteStart - A blog from the ReadWriteWeb guys, targeted towards startups.  Provides lots of helpful advice for entrepreneurs.   I find many of the articles to be "startup stereotypical" (venture capitalists, exit strategies etc.)  They need more info on bootstrapping, freemium and real business models.


Random - Hosted by Tim Ferriss (author of 4 hour Workweek) and Kevin Rose (Digg founder), random is a relaxed, casual podcast covering everything from startups to tea.  There's always some interesting information on offer.


@wiber - A fellow startup founder and suggester of great ideas for my own app Task.fm

@paulcarr - Paul writes the NSFW column on Techcrunch.  I usually just quickly skip through Techcrunch articles but I have read every word of Paul's recent columns.

@CharleyBoorman - Charlie Boorman TV personality (Long Way Down/Round, By Any Means) tweets his incredible travels.  If you've seen the tv series, you'll love his Twitter for a more "realtime" experience.

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