Introducing The List

Today I'm announcing my new mailing list.  If you don't want to read about the why, you can jump straight to it here.

A Premium Mailing List

I wanted to try something a little different - create a really high quality weekly newsletter and pack it full of premium downloads and content.    And I've done just that, with the new mailing list - created especially for designers, developers and entrepreneurs.

Building Blocks For Entrepreneurs

My inspiration for the list was Lego.  What I've done is created a whole series of "building blocks" that entrepreneurs, designers, and developers can use in there own projects.    Each and every week, you'll be sent a new building block - here is what's coming up over the next few weeks:

Premium Downloads and More

Each week you'll receive a new premium download (sometimes more than one).  But its not just the download - you'll discover the story behind each element -- design trends, the latest scripting technologies,  marketing techniques.   Each download has been created for you to plug into your own business.  And there is something for everyone:

  • Source Codes - PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML5
  • Photoshop Designs - banners, buttons, logos
  • Info Product Templates - Ebook designs, Covers
  • Worpdress - Themes, Thesis Skins, Plugins
  • Minisite Templates

But its not just about the downloads.  You'll also be getting:

  • Exclusive Discounts - to software and services for entrepreneurs, designers and developers
  • Great Content - my advice on building your own apps, info products and web sites
  • First Access - I've lined up some sweet beta invites to upcoming web app releases
  • Your Requests - Want a script or a design?  Just ask.

Sign me Up

Head on over to the List Page to find out more and to put yourself on the list.

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