I've been working on a little project that I would like to introduce you to: is a dead simple application that allows you to share text between computers and in the cloud.    I really focused on ease of use with this app - there are hardly any elements on the page and the only action required by the user is to start typing.   There is no need to "save" as its all done automatically.

The project was initially started as a way for me to share text snippets with other members of the dev team, but after seeing how well it turned out, I thought I should open it up to the world.

A Minimum Viable Product

For those interested in building their own apps, this is a good example of a minimum viable product.  There are many features that could have been added to this app (and im sure a few eventually will be), but the best way to build any app is to release early and iterate often.   What you see at is the minimum amount of code required for the app to function.  From the point on, I'll look at pushing new code to the site every two weeks.

The way I see it, this is a solid base to work off.

How to Gain Early Traction

There's really no pressure on me to use hard sell and try and push this app onto people.  As its just a side project, I don't expect rapid growth.  But its always nice to see people using your products, no matter how small.    So to gain those first few users, I started the ball rolling with just a tweet out to my followers.  A day later there had been a reasonable amount of exposure.

Of course,  the big issue is whether or not any of these new users will actually "stick" and come back to the product.   Thats when its all about quality and hoping the user had a good experience.

So What Have You Shipped?

In my last post on, I challenged you to use the 15 minutes you would spend on Facebook every day, to create something of value.

Its one thing to sit back, and blog about how people should be doing this and that, and its another to actually chase down your ideas and make them happen.

Take a leap of faith, and put your ideas out there for the rest of the world to see and use.

Your Feedback

As always, your feedback is welcome and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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