Is Your Business Becoming a Chore?

Whether its a web app, blog or info product, if you're business is becoming a chore, its destined to fail.

The word "passion" has been thrown around a bit recently.  Long articles on "finding your passion" have been written and although the advice in these articles is most likely good, I prefer to look at it from a simplified approach

If you wake up and get excited about your business each morning, you've found your passion


Passion and excitement go hand in hand.  You can't have one without the other.  Therefore, its the perfect way to measure a products success.  If you can get excited about your product, thats a great start.  If you can get other people excited about a product....well you're probably already making a small fortune.

Chasing A Passion

Stop.  You probably know what it is.  Its simply a matter of taking the first step towards your dream job right now.

Write down the three steps needed to get your business/product off the ground. Do the first one now.

Brain Dump

Every month, I dump my brain onto paper in an effort to be extremely honest with myself.  I'm harsh to the point where reading this piece of paper later on down the track is an unpleasant experience.  This process is simply a matter of rebooting yourself and making sure you're not going off on a tangent of non return.   It's now you can identify your business has become a chore.  Have you lost the enjoyment?  Are you still excited?

Write down what you will change for the coming month.


When it comes to blogging, I throw away lots of content.  I hate doing this because I feel like im wasting time.  But the content I throw away is created when I'm blogging simply for the sake of blogging or because I haven't met a quota.  Yes I'm into quotas, and use them, but this unfortunately also turns work into a chore.

However, I believe, and I thnk you should to, that in the long run, if you only create quality as opposed to quantity you will be happier and more successful.

Please don't use this as an excuse to stop hustling, instead, try and focus on what really excites you.

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