Do's and Don'ts by Jack Dorsey

During a Y Combinator Startup School event, Jack Dorsey shared how he uses Lists. One technique of his; the "Do" and the "Don't" lists that he looks at daily.

The Do List

  • Stay present
  • Be vulnerable
  • Drink only lemon water and red wine
  • Six sets of 20 squats and push-ups every day
  • Run for 3 miles
  • Meditate on this list
  • Stand up straight
  • Spend 10 minutes with a heavy bag
  • Say hello to everyone
  • Get 7 hours of sleep

The Don't List

  • Don’t avoid eye contact
  • Don’t be late
  • Don’t set expectations that you can’t meet
  • Don’t eat sugar
  • Don’t drink hard liquor or beer during the weekday

This is a great idea, and I created my own two lists. I used Trello to make mine and have set myself a reminder to look at it.

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