Link Dump - 1

Here is a roundup of just some of the interesting sites I have found during the week. Got a tip?  Shoot me an email -

  • Manglish - Reading the hilarious English mistakes people make on product labels is a fav hobby of mine.  Heres a page with a huge selection.
  • Cool Neon Text Effect Tutorial - One for the creatives. Here's a tutorial on how to create a great rainbow/neon glowing text effect, which also happens to be all the rage.
  • Behance Outfitter - And another one for the creatively inclined. This online shop offers a small but good selection of unique organisational and brainstorming tools.  Perfect for graphic designers!
  • Amazing Juggling - Last but not least a simply amazing juggling video.  I'm a keen juggler myself and this has provided some awesome inspiration.  Check it out....let your jaw drop.

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