Link Dump - The One Where I Lost my Cool

Ok here are some links I found around the place during my past week or so browsing the intertubes.

Who Does Apple Think They Are on - This was the post that caused me to lose my cool as I thought it blew up a situation which wasn't a big issue at all....then the author insulted me....and then I got angry swearing in the comments (which I try not to do cos I know peeps get sorry). sparked a conversation. - Share Code Snippets on Twitter - I guess this will appeal to dev folks.  However I don't know if it will really take off or not.  Thoughts? - Just a bunch of videos related to Wordpress done by the folks at Wordpress.

Thats all folks for this week.  I have been real busy working on a new startup in the seed stage which is limiting my browsing hours.   If you've got a cool link let me know!

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