My Guide For Online Gifts

I'm a shopaphope (if that exists).  I hate shopping and hate it even more around Christmas time when you feel like a sheep being herded, prodded and pushed around the aisles looking for that not so perfect gift from Aunty Mavis.  But I do enjoy online shopping.  Whats not to like; you can find exactly what your looking for and won't have to be squeezed between the perspiring fat dude and the whining child at the checkouts.

Here is "the", or "my" guide to finding that perfect gift online.

Go Handmade

Handmade adds something special to a gift.  Thanks to the intertubes,finding handmade gifts have never been easier.  And an even bigger thanks to Etsy who has created a marketplace for crafty, gifty types of stuff.  Etsy is huge and the sheer number of sellers and products easily rivals eBay (crapbay) and you will not find better quality.

Get Your Geek On

I may or may not be buying all my presents for my family on ThinkGeek.  No one apart from me is geeky in my family, yet ThinkGeek provides the cool, kwerky kind of gifts that my family loves.  You will find everything from Tastebud changing berries to practical camping gear at ThinkGeek.

Buy a Cow

Or a goat, farming equipment and more for your loved ones.  Ok so maybe Oxfam won't deliver a Cow to your doorstep (Moobay) but they will do amazing things for people less fortunate with the money you donate.  You can buy a variety of much needed items on behalf of the gift recipent.  So this is kind of reverse gift giving.

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