New Design

Once again proving that I suffer from the uncontrollable urge to keep redesigning things - now sports a new look.   I went for travel inspired theme.

Built Using

The design was done in Photoshop - I eliminated the sketchpad completely for this redesign because its actually still based off the old look.   It took 2 days to design - the hardest bit being the subtle shadows (it took me a while to get them right).

The blog is still using Thesis (1.7) - proving just how powerful a theme it really is.

Trying to Type Right

One of the hardest things in design is Typography.   Although I haven't perfected the art of type yet, I'm slowly getting better.  I opted for a subtle shadow (thanks to CSS3) on the text.  This gives the illusion the text is pressed into the page.  Combined with an off black color, the readability looks good.

Hosted On

Mediatemple - The blog and database are hosted on the Mediatemple's Grid.  Unlike shared hosting, this will prevent the blog going down when it gets hit by Digg,  Twitter, Hacker News etc.  A pay a few dollars more than shared hosting but its worth it.

RackSpace Cloud Files - A CDN (content delivery network) is used to serve all the images in posts.  My choice of CDN is Rackspace.    This is really easy to do thanks to the CDN tool plugin.    A still need to put the theme files on the CDN and once this is done the site should load in less than 3 seconds (this is probably overkill, but I like fiddling).

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