Outsource Your Short-Term Memory

So im the founder of  Task.fm - a web based reminder application.  Recently, I've taken to documenting some of the ways I've used reminders.  Heres one concept I like to call really short term reminders.

The idea is to remind yourself about things that need to happen within the next few hours.  You may be thinking this is fairly useless, as you're not going to forget anything thats about to happen.  But thats not the point.  By setting yourself short term reminders you are effectivly able to clear your mind of having to remember all those pesky little tasks that you can't do right now, but need to be done in the near future.

The idea is to outsource your short term memory!

From Mouth to Reminder

As soon as someone says something like "anthony can you send that document to me in about 30 minutes", instead of me trying to remember, I create a reminder.  It seems silly to create a reminder for something so soon, yet it works wonders.  As soon as you put that reminder in, a weight will be lifted from your shoulders.

Forget About Forgetting

If I'm worried about forgetting something, im unable to focus on the current task in hand.  Often, I end up remembering the task without the aid of the reminder, yet the safety net i've put in place provides the piece of mind.

Handy little tip - if you use Task.fm, put "via sms" at the end of any reminder to have it delivered to your phone.  I only check my email a couple of times daily, so for short term reminders an sms is a good idea.    in Task.fm try something like "check the ebay auction in 30 minutes via sms"

Image Credit - monsieurlam

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