It's What You Take Away That Matters

Today I pushed a major design change to The goal of was always to make publishing content to the web as fast and as easy as possible.

Over time, various new features and functionality were added to the site. Feature creep. Unfortunately I came to realise that this interfered with what made the site an early success - simplicity. I'm happy to admit I made mistakes.

And so, with the new look (and the shiny new backend which has made things much speedier), once again can be called the simplest place to publish a blog post online.

Although I will look at adding bits and pieces of the old functionality back - I'm going to be much more selective.

Important lesson - it's often not what you add but what you get rid of that makes or breaks an app. So now when I think of features, I ask myself; Is this something that holds true to the core experience of the app (or, will it improve revenue).

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