Keeping Track of Personal Progress with Trello

A few weeks ago I wrote about how kept track of the ideas I come up with, using Trello. The more I use Trello, the more I keep finding interesting little ways to make use of the software. Here's another.

This method takes inspiration from Marc Andreesen's Anti-Todo List, where he would write down anything useful he did during that day on a card. The idea being, that you get a little boost of motivation and satisfaction, through the action of writing it down. At the end of the day, you'd look at the card containing the list.

It's amazing how often I overlooked all the small, incremental tasks I completed before keeping a detailed log. If I didn't write them down, I would never remember doing them in a weeks time. And looking back, I would think to myself "have I actually done anything this week?" By actually keeping track of these small tasks, I now have a much better idea of my real workload the impact its having.

I use Trello to keep track of every task I complete that I deem useful. I have a column of cards which contains each task I have completed today. I use a new card for each task and put the task in the heading, and todays date in the description (the date allows me to search all the archived cards later on.)

At the end of the day, I move all of the cards in the "Today" column over into a second column called "Yesterday". That way I can easily compare how I'm doing today, with what I did yesterday.

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