Show Your Work

Show your work. Put it out there. Let them see it. Let them pull it to bits. Let them like it. Let them hate it. Let them love it.

Don't pitch it. Show it. Don't explain why. Let them discover how.

Don't worry if it isn't perfect. It never will be.

Don't worry if it's missing something. It always.

Don't worry if it breaks. You know have an opportunity to make improve it.

So show your work. You'll have amazing highs, and amazing lows. But if you never show it... you'll miss out all together.

I look back at the opportunities I've been given. I'm incredibly lucky. It's hard to believe sometimes that this is real. Each day I get to build software and work on ideas, and more importantly, create stuff that 20 minutes ago didn't exist! Sometimes I feel it's a fluke. Like I was just in the right place at the right time. But none of what I have now would have happened if many years ago, I didn't start showing my work.

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