Six Things I Love

Jason Calacanis (of Mahalo) sent out list of ten things he loves to his mailing list.  So I thought I would steal his inspiration and create a list of my own.  Here are 6 things that I love.

1) iPod Touch - I'm sure I would love an iPhone too but I already have a phone and plans here in Australia have rediculous data caps.  But iPod touch does pretty much all the fancy things the iPhone does (minus the gps).  My iPod isn't and iPod, its my PDA.  A device like this is changing how we use and interact on the internet and I like!

2) Wordpress - I have used many a CMS but none even come close to the brilliance of Wordpress. Wordpress is a blogging platform which is so simple yet with a few plugins it becomes amazingly powerful.  Wordpress leaves the competition for dead.

3) Google Docs and Spreadsheets - Docs does everything I used to do with Word and excel but is free.  Butwhat makes this killer is its sharing capabilities.  Being able to quicly collaborate on document is a feautre Word users can only dream about.  I don't even have Office installed anymore.

4) Red Bull - I would wear a Red Bull t-shirt everyday if they paid me in a lifetime supply of the Bull...heck I might even do it for a free tshirt.  I don't doubt its mental stimulation properties, even if it is all in my head.

5) GoDaddy - peeps seem to have a love/hate relationship with the domain registrar GoDaddy but for me its all love.  Sure I hate their advertising which seems to be targeted towards the lowest common denominator. But they do offder good deals and I like having all my domains in the one, easy to use control panel.

6) Diggnation - When I first saw Diggnation I only watched 2 minutes.  But then I saw the light and bacame a dedicated fanboy. I now haven't missed an episdoe for the past year or so.

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