Upcoming Poke Feature: Your Memory

Reposting this from the Poke Blog - Poke is my soon to launch startup.  I've been working on the app for the past year.  I'll be introducing the features of the app over the coming days.

Your Memory

How Good is your memory? Can you remember thousands of phone numbers, birthdays, names, frequent flyer numbers, that awesome book that you wanted to read....all off the top of your head.

Let's face the facts - we need to remember all these little snippets of information, and we keep having to remember more and more. Have you tried paper? What about a spreadsheet? Both are usable, but don't even compare to Poke's new Memory Feature.

Poke can store an unlimited number of snippets of information. Be it a url, text, number or date. Unlike paper or a spreadsheet, retrieving these snippets of information later on, when you actually need them, is ridiculously simple with Poke.

We're not going to reveal exactly how it works (we want to surprise you), but lets just say it uses some pretty clever natural language recognition.

Store Snippets Faster than Ever Before

Sorting a snippet of information using Poke is faster than using a paper and pen. We think, its the fastest way ever created. But more on that in a later post.

Don't Miss Out on the Launch of Poke

Poke.fm is launching soon. If you'd like to receive an email when the app launches signup here (we'll send you just the one email on launch and won't spam you). You can also follow along with us on Twitter.

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