Task.fm Launched Overnight...im now really tired

I pretty much pulled an all nighter launching Task.fm (im in Australia).

So now is probably not the best time to write a post detailing what Task.fm does -i'll do that later.  What I will do is point you in the direction of some of the coverage Task.fm has already received, update you on some features etc.

Mashable was first to break the story - although I had mentioned it on FriendFeed first.  They did a great writeup and I have been busy responding to comments on the post.  I also love the tagline they gave "reminders that think like you do".  Wish I had thought of that myself before they did ;)

Another favorite blog of mine Web Worker Daily also did a writeup.  One thing im constantly hearing is this is a bit like the now shuttered "I Want Sandy".  I never really played around with that app but it looks like it used email as a way to create reminders - this feature is coming soon!

The original Friendfeed article is here which has got some great comments. Also check out this Twitter search to see what others are saying.

Finally, I have done a post on the Task Blog answering some of the many questions i've been getting - keep em coming!

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