The 2 Minute Trick

Here's a very simple productivity concept for you.

The 2 minute concept, which I will explain in a sec, forms the cornerstone of GTD (getting things done) and many other productivity systems.   You don't need to be into productivity or GTD to make use of this though.  Its a very lightweight method that you can implement right now.

If a task will take less than 2 minutes to complete, do it now.

Thats it.  You can stop reading now...

How many 2 minute tasks do you put off in one day?  If you haven't made a mental note of these tasks before now, you probably won't realise just how many get delayed and forgotten.

So what's the benefit of tackling these tasks right away, instead of shelving them on your to-do list?


Personally (am I'm sure I'm not alone) I feel a small sense of achievement when I've completed a task, no matter how big or small.  Its this motivation which often drives me to complete larger tasks and goals throughout the day.   Putting off a task, even by writing it down on a to-do list, won't result in that same motivational boost.   Why not start tricking your brain into doing some work?

Free Your Memory

I'm really into spewing my thoughts onto a series of notes, lists, sketches, apps and paper.    I try and get as much of the confusing mess in my head down onto paper, in the hope I can organize it later on.   "2 Minute Tasks", are a waste of memory.  It's such a small time cost to complete the task with the reward being one less thing to worry about.

Its All About Habits

In order for this to work, you need to get into the habit of doing a rough estimate of how long a task should take.   If you can't work this out in an instant, the tasks you are tackling are too big.  Spew these big tasks down onto paper, break them down into smaller portions and then re-analyse.   Whenever a new task pops up, make the call as to whether its going to take longer than 2 minutes or not.   Less than 2 minutes = do it now.  Greater than 2 minutes = to do list.

If you're into minimalist productivity (if that term doesn't yet exist, its mine ;) ) than this is such a simple and easy thing to implement.

Let me know if you're using this already.

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