The Best of Task Blog

The bloggers at the Task Blog have created some real killer entries recently.  Here are some the top posts:

Want to Finish More Tasks? Stop Multitasking - Personally, I think multitasking is impossible, but for those who actaully think its productive...think again.

5 Minute Running Start Method - Eliminate (or cut down) on procrastination.  A simple method to being more motivated

5 Ways to Boost your Energy Levels - A post by myself, some simple ways to increase your energy levels to avoid the dreaded 3pm crash.

Bonus - Some squidoo stuff i've been working on recently:

Fall asleep with an iPhone - i've been fascinated by the iphones ability to help you powernap, sleep and mediate.

Productivity Hacks List - i've been working on putting together a massive list of really useful productivity hacks.  The list is growing and you can find it here.

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