The URL shortener

I little while back I came across the domain registration service If you've ever used Godaddy, Iwantmyname will almost instantly stand out due to it's super clean interface. If I was to build a domain registration service, it would look just like this.

It wasn't long before I was registering a bunch of domains including

Every mogul needs a URL shortener

Mogul, I am certainly not, but that doesn't mean i can't have my own URL
shortner. In fact, the reasons behind the app are anything but
egotistical. Over the past five years, two of the URL shorteners I
had used disappeared. This rendered hundreds of Urls across
numerous sites of mine completely useless.

Please use

The other benefit of building your own app is you have complete control over
how it works. The one and only feature I wanted was to be able to
put in front of any URL in your browsers address bar to
have that URL shortned. This means it works just fine on mobile and
iOS devices which dont always support bookmarklets.

But the url shortnener is not just for me - feel free to use it.  Its both fast and very lightweight.

So please use It's currently hosted here on the grid. Just visit
to get started.  And of course, do let me know what features, if any, you would like added.

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