The Launch Conference and

I'm back in Australia after what was a crazy week spent in San Francisco at the Launch Conference.

The conference was amazing - it provided the perfect platform to show off, network with other startup folk and gain some great exposure.    Hopefully this will be the first of many Launch conferences.   If you've got a startup in the works, I highly recommend Launch as the place to launch your app.

My Favorite Startups at Launch

There were many amazing startups at Launch.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see that many in person (due to being stuck at my launch pad table).  Here are some of my favorites:

Disconnect is a really useful extension for privacy, and due to current world events is even more important.

Cabana has a beautifully designed site (props for the blueprint background). has the potential to be extremely viral as well as being the goto source for "whats most popular" type questions.

It was great meeting the BrandYourself team.  They've got a great product.

Mougg is a interesting product.  I created DragTune a little while back which is a similar idea (but much less advanced and I have stop developing it).

Greengoose obviously blew away the judges and was funded on stage.    I'm thinking this tech will be huge in about 4-8 years.    Its good to get in early. Won Best Design

After getting chosen to present on stage (a terrifying yet surprisingly fun experience), took out the Best Design award for Launch Pad companies.

What's Next

I'm currently working on a very cool directory feature for - It will index pages automatically and make it dead easy to find and create pages on hot topics.

I'm also actively looking to raise capital for so I can take the app from being a "project" to a business.

Looks like Jason is also putting on a Hackathon for developers - definitely something I would want to be a part of.


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