The Single Most Important Aspect to Succeeding Online

Make sure you keep reading to the challenges at the bottom. We need you!

I started building websites when I was 13.   Back then - they all sucked, got no traffic and were useless.  Fast forward 8 years and things are different.

I'm not saying that it takes 8 years to learn how to successfully build a website or an online income, but it sure as hell won't happen overnight.

So are you ready for it....the number one most important tip to succeeding online:


It really is that simple.  There is no magic formula or get rich quick scheme.

The reason why most people fail online is time. Its not due to lack of skills (they pick those up along the way).  They get all excited after reading about some incredible affiliate technique, build a website, sit back, close their eyes and hope for the best.  After seeing no results immediately, they give.

The same can be said for many bloggers.  They get excited, get off to a wonderful start but after a month or two, things start to slide.  But look at all the top bloggers who actually make a living online.  They have put months and months and more likely years, into developing their blogs and brands.

So I challenge you.  I want you to stick with it.  Keep your motivation levels at an all time high.  Instead of just switching off and going to sit in front of the TV, why not write an extra article, make a new connection on Twitter or place a new ad.....or you could:

Real Practical (not airy fairy) Challenges You Can do to Stay Motivated

A lot of people tell you to be motivated, some even give airy fairy concepts to follow.  Instead of that, I'm going to give you some solid activities that will motivate you to succeed.  If you complete these challenges, I guarantee it will have a positive and noticeable impact on your business.

100 Articles in 100 Days Challenge (with prizes) - EzineArticles are holding a challenge to write 100 articles in 100 days.  Its already started so you're behind and need to get cracking.  At the end, if you manage the challenge you get a certificate (lame) but also some cool swag (sweet).

Wondering why you might want to do this? Articles can be a huge source of traffic and backlinks.  100 articles would drive killer traffic to any affiliate site!

Go Complaint Free for 30 Days - This challenge I picked up from Tim Ferriss.  He managed to go for 21 days without making a complaint.  The idea is develop mind control and discipline, but more importantly get you thinking in a positive manner.   Read this post by Tim to learn more and then pick up a bracelet here.

72 Hour Writing Marathon - Get pumped and ready for a huge sense of achievement, after you try and write as many quality posts in 72 hours.  For an even bigger challenge, try and get the blog posts published as guest posts on your favourite blogs.

Plus you get to keep score - 5 points for a guest post, 2 points for a post on your blog, 1 point for an article submitted to an article directory.  See how many points you can get, and post the results here in the comments.  You only have 72 hours and no cheating.

Lets Make it a Team Thing

If you work alone it can be difficult to stay motivated.  So lets team up.  If you participate in any of the challenges above let me know in the comments.   Let us know if you have your own challenges you're currently undergoing as well.

I promise to tweet you along the way and kick you up the **** so you have the best possible chance of success.


If you post about updates to the challenges use these tags so everyone can see and motivate you:

100 Article Challenge: #HAHD (as set by EzineArticles)
Writing Marathon: #72HC

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