The Streak

48 Days ago, I decided to wake up everyday at 9:15am, eat breakfast, write 750 words, exercise and then sit down to do some work.  Its a simple routine, but was highly effective at increasing my productivity.

So how do I know its 48 days since this routine started.  Its all about "the streak".....

A few months ago I came across 750Words.  Its like a diary or journal, but it keeps track of how many words you write and also keeps a running count of how many days in a row you've written - i.e the streak.  So far I'm around the 80 day mark - that's 80 days where I wrote 750 words or more.  The result is tens of thousands of words, numerous blog posts, and even a novel in the making.

I wouldn't of written the 750 words everyday, if it wasn't for "the streak".  Somehow, I can't stop now.  I know if I do, I'll lose my streak and I'll have to start again.  I'm actually afraid that if I stop I won't bother starting again.  Its this crazy physiological game, that I'm playing with myself, that has dramatically improved my productivity.

The Streak concept worked so well with writing, that I simply applied it to my entire morning.  Now every morning I'm doing exercise (this skinny boy is starting to grow some muscle ;) ), getting out of bed straight away, resisting the urge to overload with information by checking emails first thing, and I'm getting a bulk of work done.

Your biggest enemy is your own mind - by playing a game like "The Streak", you overcome your natural tendency to procrastinate. It's simple, and I'll even admit that its a little bit fun.

Try it Out.

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