The Script

If you follow either this blog or my Twitter, you've probably come across (or been annoyed by) one of the endless plugs I've given to my latest project -

Its been around a month since the service launched and its showing very impressive growth - thanks mainly to some press coverage. was built using PHP and MySQL.  Its a very simple script and a great example of a minimum viable product.  It can easily be modified and added to.   The script can run on limited resources if you're the only one using it.  But, due to the script being database heavy (lots of read/writes happening) it really likes its own server(s). currently runs on the Rackspace Cloud Server platform.

Get the Script

List members, will get the script delivered in this weeks issue of The List.  This is the base version - the exact code used when launched, but doesn't include the more recent "add file" feature (Don't worry, I'm currently constructing an arrary scripts using Rackspace Cloud Files and these will be delivered in upcoming issues).

The script comes with a handy installer.

I can't wait to see what you guys end up doing with it - there are countless opportunities to explore.

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