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Didn't subscribe to the anti-newsletter?  This is what you missed out on: (but your lucky, because you can still get the free download).

Recently I've been using a new technique for driving traffic to my niche mini sites.   Its been a huge success, so I decided to put it into a "how-to" and publish as an ebook.  The ebook has been on sale on various sites, but I decided to give it away for free to my anti-newsletter subscribers.

View the Newsletter and download the ebook (no you don't need to subscribe, but you might miss out on future goodies).

Why an Anti-Newsletter?

I resisted and resisted putting out a newsletter.  I've subscribed to newsletters on blogs in the past and I've been annoyed by the majority of them.  They simply spam you with crappy offers and get rich quick schemes.  Its like opting in to junk mail.

Until recently, I didn't think I needed a newsletter.  And then I realised lots of content wasn't making it to the blog - it wasn't because of the quality, I simply didn't want to share all my methods, with everyone.  There is an advantage in releasing certain tricks to a smaller subset of readers.

A Conversation

So far so good: the first email newsletter went out over the past couple of days (its staggered based on your timezone) and the response has been great.

The anti-newsletter is really just a conversation between me and friends.  You can respond to each newsletter (the response goes direct to my personal email).

You can Subscribe

And get access to all my goodies - the idea is I send my info-products, templates, graphics etc out to the list before they go public.  This way I can get great feedback.

You can subscribe here (remember this is an anti-newsletter so no spam, no upsell - just one digest a week)

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