Time is Money. Really?

timeismoneyThey say time is money.  But is this really the case when it comes to bootstrapping?

In my previous post about bootstrapping I touched on a few ways to launch a startup with a minimal amount of funding.  Now I want to go into more detail about your role in the startup.

One thing I discovered when building Project Task, was that my time didn't necciserialy equal dollars.  When bootstrapping a startup every single cent is a valuable resource.  Dollars will often be more valuable then time.

You Can Always Do More

For example, your hosting bill is going to be a set cost.  Where as your time is flexible, to a certain point - you can always squeeze in one more task.

Be Prepared to Not Sleep

Also be prepared, to not want to sleep.  I you are extremely passionate about what you are creating, you will find that there will be an argument with yourself every night on when to sleep.  I am always wanting to do "one last thing".

Do it Yourself

If you can do something yourself, do it rather than outsource it.  As your time is less valuable then "money" you need to be prepared to take on as much work as possible when bootstrapping.   Saving these extra pennies can make a huge difference come launch time.

Time is money - unless your'e a startup guru (are there any) or a consultant

Photo Credit - PHPhoto on Flickr

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