Twitter Predictions For 2009

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So what will the new year bring for Twitter?

There has been plenty of speculation around the blogs and on FriendFeed as to the future of Twitter so I thought I would give a brief wrap-up of some of the speculation with a few of my own predictions thrown into the mix.

Firstly, much speculation and debate has been given to the topic of how Twitter would possibly monetize their product.  They are in a difficult position when it comes to monetization however they have proven that they can serve ads and have done so on Japanese version of the site.  Its about getting the balance right and realizing that no matter what, you are always going to upset some users.

Advertising on Twitter is inevitable and will happen in the future.  And, with more and more geotagged content being posted to Twitter the opportunity to serve geo-targeted advertising is a huge.   It has also been suggested that Twitter could charge companies and corporate users a fee for using the service - I doubt that with thousands of companies already using Twitter, this would ever happen.

Next up its the issue of Twitter being acquired.  Would Google go after another micro-blogging service.  They have already acquired Jaiku, a very similar app to Twitter and so far have simply left it to rot.  If they do want a micro-blogging platform they would be pushing Jaiku.  However, I don't think Google knows what to do with micro-blogging at the moment. They are fence sitting, seeing how things pan out.  I could see eBay or Yahoo taking over Twitter. But with their current situations, an acquisition seems very unlikely.

I love Twitter as Twitter and I would be sad to see it go to one of the big guys.  Twitter might be acquired but im really unsure as to who would buy it or why.  I am however more sure that we will see Twitter monetize the site in 2009.

What are your predictions for Twitter in 2009?

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