The Weekend Collective #1

Here's a collection of links for you to peruse over the weekend:

8 Tips to get the most out of your investors and board - A great read for anybody who has taken money from investors.

A video from Ted - The Power of Introverts talks about some of the misconceptions society has of introverts. Interesting and reaffirming for those of us who prefer to let others do the talking at the party.

If you're looking for some design and branding inspiration, take a look at Regular Coffee. This gorgeous packaging design is simple and matches the simplicity of their business model. Do check it out.

Developers will enjoy Commit Logs from Last Night, a tumblr which tracks cursing in Github commit logs. On the same topic, this post from a couple of years ago, charts the profanity in relation to the programming language. Glad to see PHP with very little compared to Ruby on Rails.

And finally, if you're looking for a book to read, check out Rework which I just added to the bookshelf.

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