Weekend Diversions

There was a time where I would get so involved in a project that I could easily spend 7 days a week on it. I find I burn out now if I get stuck doing that. As a little weekly reset exercise, as well as spending plenty of time away from a screen, when I am in front of screen I work on a weekend diversion...

A weekend diversion is a mini side project that could take as little as 5 minutes but has a clear goal of completing something in its entirety. For example, my most recent diversion was spending ~10 mins putting a new page on this site which shows the 20 songs that i'm currently listening to.

Three rules for a weekend diversion:

1) It can't take longer than the weekend to complete - Anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours max of actual work time.

2) It has to ship. How many half finished side projects do you have sitting around? Give yourself a motivational boost by actually finishing something. Choosing something ridonkulously easy like my music page, is a good way to ensure it ships.

3) It needs to have nothing to do with your current work.

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