Weekend Reading: Its Been a While

It's been a while since I did one of these posts.  Here are the best posts I read all week.  If you've got nothing better to do this weekend - why not get some quality reading done:

Travel Stuff

My Quest for the Perfect Office

Ok so Johnny wins the award for best office locations.    My "offices" are usually much more boring being the hostel common area.  Maybe I should start seeking out some less practicable but much cooler locales.

Sleeping in Airports

As the title suggests, this site is dedicated to sleeping in airports.  I instantly fell for this site after a recent (somewhat epic) 3 day commute through Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Chiang Mai airports, without stepping outside. (a ridiculous itinerary only attempted by those silly fools looking to save a couple hundred on an airfare).   Next time, I'll take a bus.

ExileLifestyle - Pick Colin's Next Destination

Colin moves to a new destination every 3 months - its an awesome idea.  But whats more awesome is he lets his readers choose where he goes next.  I sensibly chose Tunisia -- one of the cheapest countries to live, French is widely spoken, and I love middle eastern food.....maybe I should stop by.

Twenty- Something Travel

I've been following this blog (in the shadows) for a while now.  Its a great indie travel blog and its just got better with a slick new design.  I'm digging the retro header.  Nice one!

Geeky Stuff

How to build your own CDN using BIND, GeoIP, Nginx, and Varnish

Ok so this article is really only for those who either run web apps or just love playing around with servers.   I want to run my own CDN and this is a very nice (and cheap) way to do it.  Just need to find servers in a bunch of edge locations.

Someone Shoud Build This

An idea from Matt Cutts (Google) on a way to prevent the sharing of old news.    Half joke, but seriously maybe a weekend project?

My Stuff

Dev Work -i'm currently in the zone.  If you need an design or dev work done, I'm available to take on one more project.  Whether its a banner, logo, blog design or complete app, lets talk.

And finally - sign up for the Dev List (yep I came up with a new name for the temporarily name "list").  If you want to build stuff online, you need to this.  Whether you're a design, marketer, developer or blogger - there is something for everyone.    And you now get to try an issue for free!  Give it a go

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