Weekend Reading: Lets Get Passive

I've had a very productive week, hows your week been?  I redesigned the landing page for the flipped book,  added new features to Task.fm (in beta), and launched a couple of niche mini sites.

Here are some of the posts that caught my eye this past week:

My Massive Passive Income Brain Dump - its always nice to see people using your advice.  This is a great motivating post.

Here's Why I don't Have a Full Time Virtual Assistant - There are a number of schools of thought when it comes to hiring a VA.   Pat explains why he doesn't use a full-time assistant. I don't either and use a similar setup to Pat.

3 Reasons Why I Might Delete Your Comments - Its good to see Tom taking a stand against self promoting comments.

Vote on Where I will Live Next - Colin from ExileLifestyle is looking for a new place to live next.   I voted for Thailand (which is currently winning) as thats where I'll be next.

7 Tips for Better Presentations - A great two part video post from Ben.  Explains how we can be better at presenting.

From This Blog:

Although not linked together, I've written a mini series on this blog for breaking out and a making a success story.   Read these posts (in the order given):

It's time to Think About Income - Change the way 90% of bloggers tell you to think.  This post was designed to get you into an entrepreneurs mindset.   It also introduces the Target Monthly Income concept.

Why You Should Build a Web App - This post presents a different alternative to the traditional passive income options.

How to Finance a Web App in 2010 - Not just a web app, any business.  You'll be surprised to learn, that if you read this blog, you can already afford to build a web app.

Break it Down - My favorite post on this blog and my number one tip.  This advice dramatically changed the way I built a business and everything suddenly became a lot clearer.

A Question For You

What is the essential travel gear for lightweight/one bag travellers?  I need some advice, brands, links etc.

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