Weekend Reading: The Late Edition

There was a slight delay putting this post out.  So it went from being weekend reading to a Monday edition.  But the great posts are still the same.

Here are some of the posts I've been reading this past week:

What Does Your Workspace Say About You - A post on one of my favorite topics anti-clutter!

9 Ways to Simplify Your Startup - This caught my eye, as I recently wrote a similar post with the theme; It doesn't take thousands to found a startup.

7 Life Lessons I Apply to Internet Marketing -Some solid advice here.  Its nice to know there is a human side to business.

Get 2500 Subscribers and Not Earn a Penny - A great story.  I made the exact same mistake decribed in the post, multiple times.

And finally a bit of news from me:

I've been working on an appfor a while now as a side project.  Its very betarish at the moment and I'm not going to explain what it does.   I'll simply say this - if you were only going to do one task today what would it be?  Heres the app ( updates on the way soon)

I also managed to put together a 10 day action plan for flipped.  Its based on all the coaching sessions I had with readers.  If you purchased Flipped, it should have arrived in your inbox.  If you haven't bought the book yet - get it here

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