Weekend Reading: Travel Edition

Its hard for me to think about anything but travel at the moment.  Here are some of the travel posts I've been digging this past week:

What do you Pack when You're Leaving Forever? - I love these packing list type posts.  Its nice to see what gear other people are using.

Nomadic Matt's Travel Secrets - A great ebook to read this weekend.   Nomadic Matt is a great inspiration of mine and I dig his lifestyle.  Here's how he does it

Conversation Hacking: How to make Small Talk Work For You - You're bound to meet new people while travelling.  How do you strike up a meaningful conversation.  A great post for fellow introverts.

There is more to the World than the Pyramids of Giza - Proving that "must-see" destinations are usually not "must-see".

And now to plug my own stuff:

A Review of Flipped - by Tom from BuildThatList.com.

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